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Radiology CEUS activities and information for those seeking x-ray technologist continuing education can be found here. You can get frequent updates about CEU changes in the form of frequently asked questions-answered.

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Question #1

What is the rationale for requiring radiology continuing education?


The ARRT requires continuing education in radiology founded on the idea that "Only through continuing education is the public and medical community assured that professional radiographers do not fall into obsolescence." In today’s rapidly changing medical environment and advanced imaging modalities and techniques, it is important for radiology technologist to maintain current practical information about medical practices. This is why CE Essentials is dedicated to the professional Radiology Technologist seeking radiology ceus.

Question #2

Why do I have to complete continuing education in radiology to remain a registered radiologic technologist?


Radiology Continuing Education in the form of approved CEUS are a mandatory requirement for renewal of registration with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist. As a registered technologist with an ARRT number you are required at each biennium (two year cycle) to report completed CE credits to the ARRT. Holders of a radiology Limited license (Operators) and are ARRT registered also are required to complete 12 continuing education credits each biennium. CE Essentials offers ASRT Category A continuing education credits that are ARRT approved for limited license operators too. So if you need x-ray ceus this is the right place to get them.

Question #3

I understand that there are new radiology CEU requirements for newly registered technologist?


Yes! These new guidelines are now in effect as of January 1, 2006. Basically the new guidelines make it mandatory for newly registered radiology technologists to begin their biennium on their next birth month following their initial registry. A technologist born in August and passes their registry in June will be required to start accumulating their 24 CEU beginning in August of the same year. So whether you choose the two year plan, or the lifetime membership plan you will find our x-ray ceus are priced right for new grads.

Question #4

If I fail to maintain my continuing education requirements and annual renewal with the ARRT, am I still a registered x-ray technologist?


If you have let your registry status laps then you should call the ARRT to clarify your status. However, the ARRT states that “You may use the designation, R.T. (ARRT) (R) and claim to be registered by the ARRT only if you complete the annual renewal or reinstatement process.” A Radiographer who fails to apply for annual renewal or fails to complete CE probation status is considered not registered by the ARRT. Any employer who researches such a person’s status will be told that person is not registered by the ARRT. If you are an x-ray technologist seeking x-ray continuing education credits CE Essentials is right for you. We can offer you sufficient credits to get off of CE probation.

Question #5

How do I know the dates of my CE reporting cycle?


The ARRT determines your cycle dates; therefore, you must be in compliance with the dates found on your Application for Renewal of Registration form. Generally CEU report dates will end at the month before your biannual reporting cycle. If you are a member of CE Essentials we will email you three months before your biennium to remind you if you have not completed your courses online with us. Your credits are stored in our database so you can print them at anytime as often as you wish when you need to record the x-ray CEU approval number, or in case you are audited.

Question #6

What if I only need 12 CEUS and I take more on your website?


You may take as many CEUS as you like; however, the ARRT does not allow CE activities such as internet courses, home study programs or directed readings to be repeated for CE credit in the same or any subsequent biennium.” This means you cannot take the course again later for repeat credit. Our website will not allow you to retest after completing a exam for which you are awarded credit. We cannot and will not be able to erase any course or exam for you or reset your account so that you can take the course again. So please only take courses you want and need!

Question #7

I was on your website and took a course at 11:00 pm the last day of my reporting month. I took the test and passed it, but then the certificate stated that I took course the following month. I needed the course to avoid CE probation. Can you fix this problem for me so that I don’t have to be placed on CE probation?


Dear friend, this is a very unfortunate situation for you and we are deeply sorry that happened. However, we are unable to reset your certificate for course completion. The ARRT and the ASRT requires the certificate be issued at the completion of the activity. So if you completed your test at 1 minute past midnight then it is technically the next day. Our website will put the day of completion on your certificate. We cannot change your CE record! We advise you not to wait until the last day of the month to complete your biennium requirements. Occasionally the server is down for upgrades and/or database back up. It is not our procedure to do this on the last day of the month. At anytime a glitch in your computer or our server may cause a delay in you getting your credits. Our repair specialist maintain our website 24 hours a day. If an unforeseeable event takes place causing you a delay in acquiring CEUS we deeply apologize, but we cannot reset your certificate.

Question #8

What is a Category A credit?


The ARRT defines and awards Category A credits. These are credits approved by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM). The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist has awarded RCEEM status to the following organizations: ACR, AHRA, ASRT, CAMRT, RSNA, SDMS, SNM-TS, and SVT. Our policy here at CE Essentials, LLC is to submits all of our courses to the ASRT. All of our courses are ASRT Category A Credits. This gives them the award of “Category A” approved credits by the ARRT. Always be sure you are only taking radiology ceus that are approved for category A credits by a recognized RCEEM. If you get credits without an approval number on your certificate then the credits are not valid for reporting. With CE Essentials you will never have this problem!

Question #9

What is a Category B credit?


The ARRT defines and awards Category B credit when “a CE activity is relevant to the Radiologic Sciences and/or patient care but has not been approved by one of the mechanisms identified above.” The process of approval through a RCEEM is lengthy and expensive and includes scrutiny for accuracy of information and grammar. Sometimes a CE sponsor may elect not to renew or update materials that were once approved for Category A credits. Instead they may offer these credits as Category B and they are still approved by the ARRT for continuing education. The sponsor of Category B credits must still issue you a certificate for the credits to be valid. The ARRT is no longer accepting Category B credits after January 1, 2008, so don't take these from unreputable providers.

Question #10

How many of my credits in a reporting cycle can be Category A and how many can be Category B?


As of January 1, 2008 none may be category B credits. Prior to this date, assuming you are not on probation, a maximum of 12 credits can be Category B and the remainder must be Category A. You cannot report more than 12 Category B credits in any reporting cycle. In addition, there are no specific standards for Category B credits which opens the door to CE audits and ethics violations. This is why most radiologic technologist prefers to report all their credits as category A credits. Besides if you are on CE probation all of your credits must be category A credits. CE Essentials never has and never will offer any category B credits. We only offer ASRT approved Category A credits.

Question #11

What should I do with my certificates for completed CE credits?

Answer: You must maintain your own CE records for one year after reporting your credits to the ARRT in case you are audited. If you are requested to, you must provide proper documentation of CE activities to the ARRT within 30 days. Failure to do so could lead to the revoking of your license. The ARRT is very serious about this verification you should be also. If you are in doubt read the ARRT 2004 annual report on this matter. It is quite specific as to the penalties for failure to report when audited. This should always be in the form of a certificate which has an approval number issued by an ARRT approved RECEEM such as the ASRT. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CERTIFICATES OF PARTICIPATION TO THE ARRT WHEN YOU RENEW YOU ANNUAL AND BIENNIUM REGISTRATIONS. CE Essentials, LLC client's cetificates are permanently stored in our database under your secured log-in and passcode. You can access and print your certificate online at anytime and as often as you wish. Storage of your certificate is assured for at least 10 years. Being able to print your certificate is just one part of the online benefits with CE Essentials, you can print a stored certificate anytime, even 5 or 10 years later. Your records in case of an audit are sure. We are the most advanced company for protecting your records in case of audit.

Question #12 How can I get a copy of my completed CE credits from CE Essentials if I am audited?

Answer: You can print your stored certificates anytime and as often as you like by accessing your account information from this website. You can print your certificate for your files, for your employer, or on high quality paper if you choose! Your certificates are stored indefinitely on our server and there is no cost to you to print them at anytime. This is an important feature of our website membership since it is difficult to keep certificates for three or more years as a paper copy. The ARRT will select a sample from the renewals for auditing purposes. If you are selected as part of the audit sample, you will receive notice in writing from the ARRT requesting copies of your CE documentation. Just log in and print your certificates and send them in. Its just as simple as 1, 2, 3. So don't sweat if you loose a piece of paper, just log in and print your certificates again, and again, and again.

Question #13 What is CE probation status by the ARRT?

Answer: Whenever a technologist fails to report the required number of continuing education credits required to maintain their registry status the ARRT may place that individual on CE probation. This is a category that allows the radiographer to remain registered, but documents their need to comply with the education requirement within one year of being on probation. Failure to meet the probationary requirements could result in loss of registry status. If this happens you will have to take the Registry examination again to regain your status. This is why we recommend a two year unlimited membership, or the lifetime membership. Either way you will be able to acquire at least 48 credits in a year and come off of CE probation. Just check back each month and you will find new credits on our website. We average at least 3-5 CEUS per month.

Question #14 How many credits do I need to get off CE probation?

Answer: The number of credits you will need will be on your CE probation form sent to you from the ARRT. You must pay your annual renewal fees and report your continuing education credits to the ARRT as required. Then if you fall short of the required credits a letter and forms will be sent to you explaining to you your status and requirements to be removed from probation. The number of credits you need cannot be determined until you renew your biennium registration and report your CE credits.

As a general rule, you will have to make-up the credits you lack in your biannual reporting, plus a penalty of 12 credits. The number of CE Probation credits you would be required to complete will be identified on the Probation CE Report form. You should also know that the ARRT requires that “ALL CE PROBATION CREDITS MUST BE CATEGORY A.” When completing CE credits for probation, make sure you complete them within the dates designated on your CE probation form. Completing your probation CEUS on time is a must. There is no such thing as a third chance. Then, continue to acquire you credits from CE Essentials monthly so you do not have to worry about probation status again.

Question #15 I am on CE probation; are the credits I complete for probation counted towards my new biennium reporting cycle?

Answer: No! When you are on CE probation you will have to complete 12 additional CE credits which must be Category A. In addition, you must also obtain credits for your new biennium (24 credits) the first year plus the credits you lacked when placed on CE probation. The requirements for your biennium reporting and CE probation are distinctly separate reporting requirements. Your primary concern should be to get off of CE Probation as soon as possible.

Question #16 My state has its own requirements for me to maintain a license to practice radiography in my state. Do these credits count towards my continuing education requirements of the ARRT?

Answer: The ARRT has many agreements with states that require CEUS for state license. For example, just this year the State of California now recognizes ARRT approved category A credits towards state license. tAccording the ARRT if the state regulatory agency is required by law to evaluate CE activity for their state, and that agency has approved a continuing education activity, then it is counted as Category A credit by the ARRT. Currently there are 8 states that have the ARRT approval to offer Category A credits that you may report for both state licensure and ARRT registration. You must hold a license in the state from which you are reporting credits to the ARRT for CEUS to be acceptable to both organizations. Currently these states are: FL, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, and New Mexico.

Question #17 I live in one of the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, and Florida. Can I use the continuing education on the CE Essentials website to report for my state licensure and to the ARRT?

>Answer: It depends on your state.

  • Texas – The state of Texas divides continuing education for radiographers into two distinct categories: Directly related and Indirectly related. You are required to report 24 credits, “including 12 hours directly related to radiologic technology and including 12 hours which are instructor-directed” according to MRT rule 143.11(a)(5) and (b). The Texas Department of Health defines Directly related as topic concerning the actual performance of a radiologic procedure on human beings for medical purposes using IONIZING radiation (includes contrast media and film processing topics). Indirectly related are topics which are of “benefit to the radiologic technologist, but not specifically about the performance of a radiologic procedure or about radiation safety and protection.” Because you may not report more than 12 credits that are indirectly related and non-ionizing radiation, many technologists in Texas choose to report all credits as directly related which has a minimum of 12 but all may be directly related. Our continuing education credits can be reported to the ARRT and to the State of Texas because they are all ASRT certified category A credits, a State approved RCEEM. Your state licensure will allow you to choose any of our credits for the 12 credits you must report because they are all “directly related.” If you have a limited certificate, then you may report a maximum of 6 credits from our website for your state license.
  • Illinois – The state requirements are the same as the ARRT requirements. Your credits must be approved by an ARRT Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM). Such credits are “acceptable for CE credit (either direct or indirect), and require no additional approval by the Agency (Illinois Emergency Management Agency Division of Nuclear Safety. The Agency also recognizes Self-directed study or self-learning activities approved by the ARRT through a recognized RCEEMS. ). All credits on our website are Category A credits through the ASRT (approved RCEEM). You may take all 24 of your continuing education credits for radiologic technologist through our website and report them to your state agency and to the ARRT.
  • Iowa – 641 Iowa Administrative Code, Chapters 38 and 42 regulate the continuing education requirements of radiologic technologist practicing in the state. You must have an ASRT approval number for each course you report to the State of Iowa. All of our articles are ASRT approved Category A credits. You can use the ASRT approval number on your certificate for your Iowa State Credits.
  • Kentucky – You are required under Kentucky law (902 KAR 105.020) to get 24 continuing education credits if you are an ARRT certified technologist, or 12 credits if you are a limited certificate holder. These can be satisfied through the courses offered on our website because they are ARRT approves ASRT certified Category A credits. The state of Kentucky accepts all credits on our website because they are category "A" ARRT.
  • Check back later, we will keep you updated on CE changes from the ARRT and ASRT

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